Linux Administrator Interview Questions-Part-1

These Linux interview questions and answers are based on mega trending topics. If you master most of these topics, there will be no Linux interview question that you cannot answer and secure your dream job.

  1. What is two types of Linux User Mode ?
    Command Line
  2. What is command for created multiple files at a time?
  3. What is INODE and How to Identify?
    Its unique identification code for files and directories, its was generate automatically while create new file and directories ls -i filename ls -ldi directoryname
  4. List of Permissions and Users
    Read, Write and Execute Owner, Group Owners and Others
  5. List of Special Permissions and numerical value.
    Set User ID = 4 Set Group ID = 2 Stickybit = 1
  6. What command to use see Process list in Hierarchical Structure along with PID?
    Pstree -P
  7. What is use of “top” command and how to sort Memory and User wise?
    Its used to real time monitor hardware utilization of linux machine. Press M to sort Memory wise result Press U to sort User wise result
  8. What is command for to force close one particular process
    kill -9 Processid
  9. What is command to refresh NIC ?
    Service network restart
  10. Tell me two types of IP Address configuration
    Static IP Address Dynamic IP Address
  11. How do Enable / Disable Ethernet Device
    Open and Edit this file #vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/devicename For enable ONBOOT = yes For disable ONBOOT =no
  12. What is command to change Hostname without System Restart
    hostname newhostname
  13. What is File Path of Network Configuration ?
  14. What is File Path of DNS Configuration ?
  15. How to Update locate DB ?
    cd/var/lib/mlocate updatedb
  16. How to edit and save file using editors?
    The following commands are used to exit from vi editors. 1. :wq saves the current work and exits the VI. 2. :q! exits the VI without saving current work.
  17. What is command for Zip and Unzip files

    1. gzip = Compress File 2. gunzip = Uncompress File

  18. What is file path of Alias name set by Permanent?

  19. What is MBR in linux?
    Its Master Boot Recorder to help booting operating system.

  20. What is Two Types of Mount in linux?
    Temporary Mount Permanent Mount